Transforming the landscape
of blue collar workforce in logistics

We are a tech-driven platform with an aim to transform the landscape of blue-collar workforce with our solutions:

  • Blue Collar Review (online feedback).
  • E-learning programs (online training for blue-collar).
  • Personality Assessment Test (Blue collar assessment & Situational Judgement Tests).

Why Saprootz?

With our experience of supply chain logistics domain, we understand the challenges associated with blue-collar work force and how it impacts the businesses. We make it easy for you to make informed hiring decision based on the historical performance of the workforce or sharing your reviews to reduce irregularities associated with front end workers. With our personality assessment tests we enable you to identify the right fit to maintain the culture and brand image. We have developed E-learning program for the blue-collar workforce (delivery boys, warehouse workers) to make it easy for you to train them on last mile and warehouse processes.